Dreamers and Doers

be the change

‘Be the change you want to see.’

You probably have heard this quote a gazillion times and for good reason, because it holds true.

No one ever did achieve anything great by resting on their laurels. You have to get up. You have to tell yourself, ‘I can do this’ and chances are you probably will and even if you don’t, you will feel better knowing that you tried.

I recall my first day of college, it was a new place, a new environment and I had no freaking idea where my first class was. I nervously looked around and I saw a hundred faces with an expression not too different from mine. An expression of – is this it? what the hell happens after this?

Fast forward to graduation day, with a scroll in our hands we once again asked, ‘What the hell happens after this?’

Some of us chose to take the first jobs that came our way, some of us got lucky and found what we were destined for and others took their time to figure out where they wanted to be and to pursue their passions.

…and yet there are the rest who are still trying to choose the road that they should take.

I am one of them.

…but that is the road I am on and I am staying put. I refuse to quit and I refuse to give up.

Being at FITC will be an opportunity of a lifetime for me to meet likeminded women who refuse to quit and soldier on in the world of technology.

I have this burning desire inside of me to make something happen. I often ask myself, ‘why am I here? there is something bigger than this right?’ and with technology the answer is always yes! I want to be able to make something happen. Scratch that, I WILL make it happen!

Never stop learning. Never stop dreaming.

4 thoughts on “Dreamers and Doers

  1. I could’ve sworn that I was on point with your blog posts, but I guess not. Changed that by following and subscribing, so there we go.

    You know me. You know I’m always grinding on one project or the next, and you’re right. Sitting around waiting for the dream you want to come true is fool’s logic — if anything is important enough to you to see it happen, you’re going to have to put in the time to make it real.

    For me, 2013 has been a VERY successful year so far, but it’s not like it all happened overnight. The last two years have seen me blogging, hitting up events, doing favours — I don’t rest. I always wanted to keep moving forward to the next thing, then the next thing, then the next thing.

    The point is, I’m a lot closer to where I want to be now than I was when I just started out with tweetups back in October 2010, and it’s all because of the grind.

    Claim your destiny, Ria. Take it by the horns and make it yours.

    Because no one else will do it for you.

    –case p.

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