In Conversation With | Harvest Breed

Imagine a group of friends living on the same street playing make believe as children. Now imagine the same group of friends years later, performing on stage at the Canadian Music Week , enthralling audience with their soulful and powerful performance. This is the story of Harvest Breed. The Montreal based sextet, comprising of Antoine Gosselin, Philippe Custeau, Maxime Rouleau, Marco Gosselin, Sylvain Lussier and Gabriel Lemieux-Maillé, began their musical journey in 2005 under the name ‘Jake and the Leprechauns’.

As I sat down for an interview with the brothers Marco and Antoine Gosselin here in Toronto, they chuckled about the name and reminisced about a time when people thought they were an Irish folk Celtic band! In the words of Marco, ‘with the name change came better opportunities and it gave our music a certain direction. We are playing at more music festivals and we feel that it was good move!’ Taking folk rock to a new level, and drawing inspiration from musical legends such as Neil Young, the former cover band first started out by opening for the likes of Jim Bryson.  Then one day Anotine suggested to Philippe, who is also the lyricist for the band, ‘why don’t we take ourselves more seriously and do albums and start a band?’

… and so Harvest Breed came to be. And we are glad it did!

The combination of mellow and uplifting tracks on their debut album, ‘Everything Changes’, are perfect for any mood, any day at any time.

Antoine Gosselin is a web programmer by day and his brother Marco, formerly a forestry engineer, now works at a restaurant to feed their passion for music. Antoine fondly recalled a friend telling him that it takes a lot of courage to start something like this, to which he responded with, ‘well, it would take a lot more courage to quit music.’ They are not following a traditional commercial path but relying on their music to make a name for themselves. ‘For us, the most important thing is to make music…good music. Don’t chase after fame, if you put your heart and soul into it,’ said Marco, ‘the fame will come.’ As far as any advice for budding musicians is concerned, Antoine laughed and added, ‘Don’t quit your day jobs!’

See Harvest Breed perform live at Monarch Tavern, Toronto, on June 13 at 9pm as part of NXNE 2013!