Event Marketing Shenanigans

I am sure, by this point a lot of us have received calls and tweets from people promoting their events. Having been on both the receiving and promoting end, here are 3 things that every event marketer needs to wrap their head around resulting in a better life for one and all!


1. Do not shove your event down my throat

You are selling something to me? You have to earn my trust. Reach out to me politely but do not – please for the love of Mother Nature (I figured we all love mother nature right?)- DO NOT SHOVE IT DOWN MY EFFING THROAT. Show me why your event is great but do not expect me to purchase a ticket.

2. If you are a newer organization in a city

If you are a newer organization in the city, please do not pick a date when there are a bajillion other events going on and certainly not when there is a major conference taking place (ahem ahem!) cause chances are most people or at least the ‘influential’ crowd you are looking for, is not going to turn up for your event.

3. Building trust takes time

I am not a fan of affiliate marketing but let’s face it, word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. If my friend likes your event, chances are I am going to show up for it so be patient… pretty please?

As Jay Baer puts it awesomely: Good Marketing is about help NOT hype!


Maybe all of this has already been said but I feel like people know this but do they really understand it?