The Best of 2014 – Advice Edition

Every year I get tons of advice from everyone because if there is one thing you can count on, it is people giving you advice, doesn’t matter if they follow their own advice or not. However, this year I decided to do something slightly different – I wrote down all the advice that was given to me and then I separated them into two lists; a list of “DO NOT EVER F****ING FOLLOW THIS” and another one with sane advice. 

There was a lot to go through but I present you with the top 5 things people have said to me this year that can change YOUR life. 

1. The first piece of advice comes from my amazing friend and boss, Craig Hunter. advice by Craig


I have always been one to say yes to everything but this year I finally started realizing that time is my most valuable asset and I have to use it wisely. It is amazing how useful and effective this is. Try it.

2. The second place goes to a quote I read in Elle UK by Claire Nac, co-founder of Women Lead – an organization that aims to provide young women in Nepal with the skills, support and opportunities to become leaders and change-makers in their schools, communities, nation and world.

good advice 1


When I first posted this little piece of advice on instagram, people said that they can’t accomplish this every morning, to which Claire replied, “3 Short pages“. I find this to be extremely therapeutic and I have actually noticed that I get a lot more done. 

3. “Provide context for everything you say.” – Craig Hunter
Context is king. It makes communication, work and your life easier. 

4. “Imagine there is an aura around you and negative people can’t get through it.” – Danielle Geva

5. And finally, here is something from my 25 year old self. 

don't give up


I hope that you too can incorporate some of this advice into your every day life. Happy 2015 everyone! 🙂 

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