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I will be covering FAT next week! This will be first time and I am obviously stoked beyond words! Not sure what to expect but have only heard awesome things about it. Hope to see you there!

Fashion Art Toronto













The #MADEINCANADA focus takes inspiration from Canadian landscape, culture & history. Participants will present fashion and art based on five sub-themes over five days:

April 21 – 
COLD NORTH – Ready-to-wear and experimental fashion that is minimal, monochromatic, stark and functional. Featuring structured, exaggerated & unisex looks by Seraghadaki and Parsons School of Design grad, Masha Ruginets’ contradictory designs.

April 22 – GROUP OF SEVEN – Art, history and nature inspire colorful, innovative and theatrical collections. Highlighting SS&CO’s couture knitwear looks in an autumn palette, Mitra Ghavamian’srepurposed collection and Starkers’ Edwardian inspired gowns and corsets.

April 23 – NORTHERN LIGHTS – Fashion fantasy, light, futurism, science and wearable technology. Presenting Vandal’s robotic sci-fi collection, House of Etiquette’s high fashion latex line, Evan Biddell’sandrogynous cyborgs and transformable fashion by Maya Charbin.

April 24 – GLOBAL VILLAGE – A mix of high fashion & street wear infused with world influences. Showcasing Kaela Kay’s eclectic fashion with an African flare, David C. Wigley’s immigrant folk lore inspired collection and L’uomo Strano’s take on Canada’s indigenous and Black peoples parallel narratives.

April 25 – GREAT WILD – Nature and the romantic spirit of the wild inspire high fashion designs and animalistic creations. Presenting Vanika’s nomadic “Pilot” collection, luxurious haute couture by Gavarciaand the silky textures and floral accents at Asphyxia.

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