Finding My Spot

As you guys know, I love love love going to conferences because these things are like networking heavens and provide a chance for meeting awesome people! Also, free food. HEY! A girl’s gotta eat ok?

Hence, when Alex from I DON’T BLOG decided to give away a free ticket to BlissDom  I jumped, quite literally, and submitted an entry to stand a chance to win it! Here’s my entry…


Yesterday while walking down aimlessly through the halls of my college, because that’s what every hard working student does a week before exams, something unusual happened…

Now you know how there is so much talk about the importance of finding your own voice and your own spot in the world and how it’s easier said than done right? Right.

Back in le undergraduate days, I used to have a study spot in the library that I used to call my own, friends I used to call me own and a blogging voice that was my own but since I shifted from Singapore to Toronto, last year, things have been a little more than complicated.

Now I know that life is only as complicated as you make it to be and that you have to give things time but how much time is considered enough time? Surely, a week before exams was high time that I found a study spot!

As I was walking past a quiet study corner, I saw it, there it was… Sweet Jesus, give me a moment to compose myself… You know how you find a perfect house and you just know it that you want to live there forever? That is exactly how I felt about my spot, as it shall be known as from now on.

Right in front of the loo, next to a vending machine and the water cooler and with a view to die for; yes, that is my study spot.  Hey! It’s all about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION OKAY!?

What is this incoherent story you ask? How is it related to going to BlissDom you ask? Well, good question my friend! Well, you see, it’s high time that I met more bloggers in real life and found my spot and my voice in the blogging world! I am looking for a community and friends and what better friends to have then fellow bloggers?

As to what I will be bringing to BlissDom? A lot of energy! I am already excited! So where is my ticket? 😉

Oh and just in case you are wondering, here is a picture of the view from my study spot.


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What Learning To Ride A Bike Taught Me About Life

It was in 2001 that I learnt to ride a bike. I was 14.

Yes, you read that right, LEARNT to ride a bike at 14. While most of my friends had probably learnt to ride a bike when they were about 5 to 6 years of age, I didn’t, and I have a perfectly good explanation for that.

I am afraid you see; afraid of falling, afraid of losing my balance and afraid to not be in control. That’s partly the reason behind my hydrophobia. I am petrified of large bodies of water and I try to avoid swimming as much as possible. I need to feel solid ground beneath my feet to not be anxious.

So you can imagine how I must’ve felt when my dad gifted me a bike on my 14th birthday. I asked him, ‘you are joking, right?’

He wasn’t.

My parents wanted me to learn how to ride a bike. Not because it is an oh so essential life skill that I can’t do without, rather, they wanted me to overcome my fear.

I made excuses at first. Tried to not look at the bike because I thought that will make my parents realize how much I didn’t want to learn how to ride one. But that’s not how life works. Sometimes you just have to do things that you don’t want to do and sometimes you are made to.

That’s exactly what happened.

It was a hot summer day, I had just come back from school and my mum was waiting outside our apartment with THE bike. I looked at my mum and said, ‘Nice! are you going for a ride?’ She gave me the death stare and replied, ‘No…but we are.’, in a tone that let me know that she meant business.

And we did.

I wish I could say, I got on to that bike and rode away into oblivion and everything was fine and dandy… except, it wasn’t.

We slowwwwwlllyyyyy (like a pair of tortoises) made our way to the neighbourhood basketball court. Oh that damned basketball court, I still remember it. I tried to resist it as much as possible. Tried to cry, tried to reason with my mother but she wouldn’t have any of it! She was hell bent on making me learn how to ride one and she did.

I was not even allowed to drink water till I learnt how to ride one.

Before the day came to an end, I knew how to maintain my balance on a bicycle! Sure I didn’t know how to turn corners but you know what they say, practice makes perfect!

Long story short, there are going to be a lot of things in your life that you are going to be afraid of. You are going to resist them, hate them, try to make up excuses for not wanting to do them. But you know what’s easier? Learning to master it, learning to master your fears.

Is there something that you have always been wanting to or meaning to do but never got the chance to because it scared you practically sh*tless? You know when will be a good time to do them?


Take the leap and fake it till you make it.