Why Hire a Content Marketer

Good content can boost your sales and raise brand awareness. Providing your customers with a constant stream of quality content can be just what you need to give you an edge over your competitors. Some of the benefits of investing in a content strategy include:

  • Brand visibility and reputation
    Publishing content in various locations will expose more people to your brand. Your readers will also see you as more of an authority, which could drive increased sales and conversion rates. This is hard to measure, but is still an important consideration.
  • Inbound traffic attraction
    Depending on what you do with your finished content, you can attract new traffic through SEO, inbound links, social media, email marketing or other channels.
  • Customer retention
    Customers who like your content will stay on your site longer and visit more frequently, which will affect conversions and retention.
  • Direct conversion potential
    In the body of your content, you can offer more direct conversion opportunities, which can increase your conversion rate.